Blush: Cream or powder?

They have the same effect, but when choosing one texture or another, you need to know the benefits of each one.Many women use blush daily. Makeup on the cheeks can give the face a fresh look, but blush is ideal to highlight the features of the face too. Its many nuances give you the opportunity to match it with your complexion. Though powder blush is the most used.

How to choose the texture?

Makeup artists say the texture is chosen according to the type of skin. If you have oily skin, blush must be powder to absorb fat for a matte finish. On the other hand, if the skin is dry, opt for cream, with an emollient texture, which provides extra moisturizing. The differences do not stop here. When you buy a new blush, it’s important to know the differences between powder and cream and how it works.


It is a mixture of oils, waxes, dyes, and additives. Sometimes, it contains talcum powder.

Appearance: It is youthful, fresh, shining, as if the cheeks have been touched by the sun.

Perfect for: All skin types, especially for dry skin due to moisturizing properties. It’s a good choice for evening makeup. It gives mature skin a more youthful look.

How to apply: You do not necessarily need a brush, as it stretches quickly with your fingers. The brush is special for creamy blush, with two-layer brushes, one of which is made of artificial yarn. It stays on all day and you do not need to fix it with powder.

And, here’s a secret for you: You can also use it as a lipstick.


It usually contains talc, dyes and additives. Some formulas are with corn or rice powder. It can be in one solid color or with pearly shades for extra brightness.

Appearance: Sophisticated and well defined.

Perfect for: All skin types, especially greasy, because it provides a matte effect. It is more often used than the cream option because of a wider range of colors and shades that you can easily choose the right one from.

How to apply: It can be applied with a large brush over the foundation.

If you apply too much, brush the hue with a layer of powder. When using multiple colors or other enlightening shades, the nuances blend very well.

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