My spouse is youthful in mind. She’s the kind that likes boy bands, glitter and partying in to the early hrs. Therefore, the reason I entered a web-based shoe shop together with her to exchange a set of old footwear she’s had for a long time. She needed a set of footwear that does not only maintain her busy lifestyle, but additionally make her look positively ‘darling’. We found something. Something pink.

We looked on the web, and located what exactly are known as Sugar Boots. Now Sugar Boots are slightly not the same as your average everyday woman’s shoe, my spouse informs me. They think “prancy”, that we first assumed resulted in putting on them managed to get simpler in my wife to leap fences. I’m however relieved to uncover that they only denotes that they feels light on her behalf ft when putting on them. Sigh of relief.

Sugar Boots also appear to become decidedly strong. My spouse isn’t the tiniest of ladies at all (neither is she the biggest), but they appear so that you can take a lot of walking, running and general exercise punishment without stress. It should be like they are made from titanium, because she goes everywhere inside them, does all things in them, and they’ve still stored their shape, stitching and colour. Amazing.

Now comes the great bit. The specific shoe my spouse twisted my arm into buying on her is decidedly pink. And not the pink that sits easily evidently like a lipstick, or even the understated handbag. This really is pink at its most feminine. This is actually the kind of pink that you would see round the shoulders of drag functions, this really is Sheila’s Wheels Pink. Ladies, if you would like footwear that scream “Take a look at Me”, go for Sugar Boots. My wife’s ft now appear to obtain more attention from her buddies than her latest handbag (also is pink). I believe she’s happened upon the most recent craze.