Men’s fashion is equally important as what is for women. It is true that a certain section of men are least bothered about it and they usually wear the dresses they feel comfortable in. But, honestly, there are a lot to think about when it comes to purchasing a shirt. Whether you’re shopping online from Shop or your other favorite store- you have to keep in mind about the latest fashion trends if you’re seriously interested in going with the flow. Being fashionable or following the fashion trend is not synonymous to a copycat. You’re ought to follow the trend or the certain rules of purchasing a shirt and by doing that if you become a fashionista- you can feel proud about it.

Here, are some steps to buy a dress shirt

Have the proper measurements

You have to have the exact measurements of your torso along with the neckline when you are off to purchase a dress shirt. Though it’s easier to get when you are purchasing the readymade shirts but for the tailored ones, you need to have the proper measurements. Therefore, make sure that you’re visiting a store with excellent tailors that will probably take the right measurements of yours and ensure you the best cuffs and collars besides managing the overall fitting.

Choose the right shirt you want

First of all, it is the fabric that you should choose. For the finest cotton, you can stick to the Egyptian cotton shirts. Other significant shirt fabrics are poplin, Oxford, herringbone, seersucker, broadcloth, royal oxford etc.

Next, you have to choose the right cuffs. Either you must have excellent knowledge on this or you need to take the help of the tailor or the salesperson in the store. You can choose from the Single Barrel, Single French, Double French, and Double Barrel cuffs.

Next, you should be choosy about the colors. If it is business attire you’re choosing, stick to the whites, and light colored shirts. For the casual wears, you have the freedom to choose bright and vibrant colored shirts.

Choose a reputed store

You can shop from the retail store or you can also lie back on your couch at home and shop the shirt online. Nowadays, you have the provision to shop from any designer or brand online. Your shopping is just a click away and you’ll be abided with all the mentioned services from the premium online shirt sellers.