Laser hair removal is a medical process, which is used to remove the unwanted body hair. It uses laser beam that inhibits the growth of the hair follicle within the skin. The laser targets the melanin, the dark pigment present in the hair. Moreover, the light ray damages the hair follicular cells present in the body. The intense heat covers the opening of the follicle.

Your Help Guide :

Laser treatment is never a permanent solution but it the most reliable FDA approved solution available today. Just a few sittings at a skin clinic and you can enjoy a hair free body for several years to come. Additionally, you can also continue with maintenance service after you are done with your primary hair removal treatment.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Both men and women can opt for this service as it has become very popular among all. Laser removal services can be applied to any region of the body, including arm pits, legs, back, torso, face, chest and even bikini line. One of the greatest uses of all is that it is almost pain free.

On application of the laser beam you will just feel a tingling sensation that will subside after some time. It is the easiest way to remove your unwanted hair growth. Unlike traditional methods like shaving and waxing it does not require any touch ups for maintenance. Just imagine how much can you save your money in the long run!

You don’t have to rush to the beauty parlor before any cocktail party or dinner invitation. You can wear anything you like flaunting your smooth skin.

You cannot deny the convenience factor laser gives. Additionally, there are some clinics and beauty service centers those offer after service treatments. It is advised not to neglect the after treatment care services. It can give you glowing skin.

The Cost

The cost can be expensive but there are certain skin treatments clinics that offer off seasonal discounts. You can check our website to learn about different types of services and costs. Please feel free to contact us any further information regarding the personalized requirements, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Moreover, there are several skin insurance companies that cover such treatments as well. If you calculate the amount you spend on razors, shaving creams and waxing, then you will see that it is more cost effective to get the hair removed through laser treatment.