Handbags are the ultimate multipurpose tool for survival for any woman on this planet. Being one of the greatest assets for any woman for carrying personal belongings and numerous items, handbags have proven to be the ideal choice for generations, be it for carrying personal belongings, or simply acting as wallets for women.

With advancing time, handbags have witnessed a large change in types, price range, and utilities. From big, compartmentalized bags to small, hand-carrying purses, handbags vary from simple and affordable to designer and expensive.

The market hosts a plethora of handbag varieties. Here are different types of handbags that you can come across when you go for handbag shopping.

  • Accordion Handbag

The Accordion Handbag gives more of everything one can think of from a handbag, i.e., compartments, capacity and what not. Accordion handbags are called so because of segregation of the bag as small compartments, which resemble an accordion when opened.

  • Backpacks

As the name suggests, backpacks use two straps that are worn over the shoulders, attached from the top to bottom of the handbag. Removing the hassle of imposing the weight of the handbag over one hand, backpacks rest comfortably on the back of the wearer. It is an ideal choice for busy mothers, students, teachers, and businesswomen.

These bags are durable, easy-to-carry, and have a large capacity and compartments, but are slightly expensive. Cheaper models, however, are available in the market.

  • Bucket Bags

Fun to carry, medium in size and cheap, Bucket Bags, referred to as the boho bags, are simple bags that are round and connected to a strap. With mostly no compartments, boho bags fit for women who wish to access their belongings swiftly and have no problem with the lack of compartments.

  • Clutch Purse

These are relatively smaller handbags and are meant to be carried as a handheld purse or underneath the arm. These are used for keeping basic cosmetics and important belongings. The lack of space makes these purses lack compartments. However, designer clutch purses are available in bulk in markets, and their sleek design, make them an ideal choice for parties.

  • Cross Body Bags

Similar to backpacks, cross-body bags are designed for comfort. With an extra-long shoulder strap that extends from one shoulder to the opposite hip, these bags provide the ability to adjust the length of the strap. The size of these bags, however, is relatively small, making them useful for women who don’t wish to carry much with them. Also, wearing the strap across-the-body keeps the bag secure from theft.

  • Hobo Bag

The major characteristic of a hobo bag is the unique curve that is formed when the bag is held by its two straps. These do not have compartments, and are very large, giving extra room for the belongings. This makes hobo bags ideal for women, who seem never to have enough space for their belongings in their handbag.

Popular brands like Baggit hosts a huge variety of handbags and numerous styles and designs, making sure every type of demand are fulfilled, along with ensuring the quality of the product.