New Delhi is famous for its non-vegetarian restaurants in the entire country. People crave for the best assortment of non-vegetarian dishes that are available in restaurants now.  New Delhi has various restaurants where you can enjoy a good non-vegetarian meal. Every Delhiite must try the delicious mouth-watering meals offered by these restaurants.

Here are the best non-vegetarian restaurants in New Delhi:

  1. Wok in the Clouds:

Wok in the Clouds is probably the only restaurant that serves the best Chinese, Thai, and Continental non-vegetarian dishes. It is situated in Rajouri Garden and so it is within reach if you are just a traveler. It is an inexpensive place as well. You only spend about INR 1500 for a meal for two people. This restaurant has a liquor license; a beer pint here costs about INR 275. In case you are lazy you can ask for home delivery from this.

  1. Karim’s:

The name is enough to specify that this is the best place to have a non-vegetarian meal in New Delhi. This is one of the oldest and greatest restaurants that serves non-vegetarian food. It has become so famous that now Karim’s also has franchises all across New Delhi. But, the best food is served at the original branch in Chandni Chowk. This place is famous for their Mughlai food, which is so royally scrumptious that you might accidentally bite your fingers trying to lick away the entire curry from it. It has the best non-vegetarian dishes in the city.

  1. Kasbah Zaffran:

This is another Mughlai and North Indian restaurant in the list, which has the best possible Mughlai delicacies. The range of dishes available at this restaurant is never ending and because each and every one of these dishes is exquisite, it is pretty hard to choose from. The place has vegetarian delicacies as well like Dal Makhani, Malai Kofta etc. It is also popular for its Dahi Kebab. With a cozy décor, this restaurant is very inviting to family folks as well. The staff at this restaurant is really prompt and exceptionally courteous.. The best branch for this restaurant is the one at Greater Kailash.

  1. Masabaa:

This restaurant serves Chinese, Continental, Italian and North Indian cuisine and does so excellently. It is a moderately priced restaurant where the cost for two people dining comes out to be about INR 2300. Masabaa also has a full bar available and the non-vegetarian snacks at this place are to die for. They pair well with the drinks available in the bar menu. You can count on getting the best service as the staff is very attentive.

Parking is available, so you don’t need to worry about your car standing at some roadside at the mercy of the traffic police. This restaurant also has a good DJ, so even the youngsters have a gala time at Masabaa. The butter chicken and Butte Ke Kabab are the most famous dishes at this restaurant. The valet service is also excellent. For other cuisines, the Tiramisu is finger-licking good. They are also famous for their Virgin Mojito as they do it right.

The above mentioned restaurants would definitely satisfy even the deepest and darkest desires of every non-vegetarian lover in the country. These places are a must-visit for every non-vegetarian who appreciates the careful blend of uniqueness and sanctity of original dishes. So, go ahead and enjoy delicious non-vegetarian delicacies of all the above mentioned restaurants.